How to Have Fun at Camp

How to Have Fun at Camp

Visual Effects + Video Editing for Hebron Films

I had a roaring time wrangling Houdini, After Effects and Premiere but came out on top. The vision of the project was achieved and the team and client expectations far exceeded.

The trickiest sequence in the safety video was turning a bed into the lava.

I was the VFX supervisor on set, making sure the crew captured the required assets for the shot including a 4K master plate, a ColorChecker reference plate, 360 HDRIs and over 300 photos of the bed.

I used photogrammetry to turn the photos of the bed into a 3.5 million polygon model. Then I tracked the camera, lined up the bed model and used it as a collider object in a fluid simulation inside of SideFX’s Houdini.

I used the temperature attribute from Houdini to generate a colour ramp and used that colour data in the GPU renderer, Redshift. I also added a smoke simulation generating from the hottest points of the lava.

After hours of rendering, the CG elements were composited on top of the original shot. Using multiple AOVs, I was able to use post FX and live-action elements to create the final look.

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